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Our Mission

SNAPBOT started as part of Studio Cahaya in India - an organization that is focused on sharing people's stories through candid photographs. Over the years, SNAPBOT has been part of 1000's of celebrations capturing moments and making memories.

Our mission has been simple - To make every event extraordinary by delivering joy, excitement, and unforgettable memories through our interactive photo booth services.

What sets us apart?


Why we do it?

At Snapbot, we believe that every special moment deserves to be cherished, celebrated, and remembered with joy. 

Unlimited Fun!

Our state-of-the-art photo booths offer engaging and interactive experiences which capture the essence of any event and leaving guests with smiles and cherished moments.

Premium Experience

We promise quality.

Our team spends a lot of time planning, and we spare no expense. Our photo booth spaces look glamourous and feel luxurious for you and your guests.

Let's Connect

We would LOVE to help plan your dream event.

Let's connect and plan an unforgettable party! 

21001 Estancia CMN, Hayward, CA, 94541


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