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  • How much is the deposit?
    We require 20% of the total invoice amount as deposit to reserve the photo booth for the date and time of your event.
  • Can I cancel my photo booth reservation and get a refund?
    You can cancel your reservation up to 7 days before your event for a full refund. Because our team works on your photo booth space and photo designs 2 weeks before your event, you will forfeit your deposit if you cancel within 7 days of your event.
  • When do you require the full payment?
    7 days before the event. Snapbot requires that our clients make the full payment to clear outstanding balances 7 days before the event.
  • Do we get prints?
    Yes! Unlimited 2x6 prints are included with the Snapbot and Snapbot PRO experiences. You can upgrade to 4x6 prints through an add-on. With the SnapGLAM photo booth rental, we offer Unlimited 4x6 prints. Selfbot is a digital only photo booth. To minimize your liability, we are not offering prints with Selfbot photo booth rental.
  • Do you provide props?
    Yes! we provide high quality props to match your theme. We can even custom make props for you. Got an inside joke you want as a prop? Let us know!
  • Will there be a digital copy of the photos?
    Yes of course! A digital album with all the photos from the event will be available on our online gallery. We will share this gallery with you via a link after the event. Additionally, you can share get photos in a USB drive or printed into a photo book through our add-on services.
  • Will I have someone to help me throughout the event?
    Our Snapbot, PRO and SnapGLAM rentals includes a friendly onsite attendant throughout the event. Selfbot is a new rental experience we are offering which is self-managed. This is because Selfbot is super intuitive and easy to use. We will setup, give you use instructions and pick up after your event.
  • I want to add my logo. Can I customize the design?
    Heck Yeah! We will personalize everything to your liking. Brands can use this feature as a great marketing tool. Our awesome design team can assist you in customizing everything from you backdrop to welcome animations and props to create a unique experience for your guests.
  • What kind of events are photo booths suited for?
    It's all about making sure your guests are entertained and having a blast! Since we started, our clients have been using our photo booths for all kinds of events - from holiday parties, weddings, birthdays, conferences, private dinners, product launches, baby showers, bridal showers, club parties - really anything and anywhere. We often hear that our photo booth was the best entertainment at the event.
  • Do you charge extra for setup?
    No, we got you covered. The setup time is also separate from your photo booth rental time, and we don't charge you for it :)
  • What kind of backdrops do you provide?
    We have a huge collection of backdrops perfect for any event. We give our guests options and recommendations to choose from to match the event theme. If we are not carrying the backdrop you like, we can have it made for you.
  • How much space does the photo booth need?
    Ideally, we require a minimum of 8x8x8 feet space and an electrical outlet no further than 15 feet from the photo booth space If you have event planners or decorators, we can send a clear floor plan to them and work with them.
  • Does the photo booth need Wi Fi?
    Our photobooths need secure Wi-Fi of at least 1MBPS for best printing and photo sharing experience. If you are not aware about your venue's Wi-Fi capabilities, please let us know. We can contact your venue to ensure there is proper Wi-Fi. In case the venue is not able to provide good Wi-Fi, we will be able to bring our own hotspot to the event.
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