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Join Our Team at SNAPBOT

At Snapbot, we're all about working hard and playing even harder. We're here to turn events into epic experiences and spread joy like confetti. With most of our events happening on weekends, you'll have the flexibility to pursue your passions during the week. Join the Party and transform ordinary events into extraordinary memories!

Role: Onsite Snapbot Attendant

Job Type:

Part time, on-call, contract based.


$25.00 per hour + Performance bonus

Snapbot has about 2 to 4 events per attendant every month and we're on the lookout for vibrant, dynamic individuals with personalities that can light up any room! If you're the life of the party and love spreading joy, then this role is made for you!


  • Up to 2-year experience in customer service. 

  • Enthusiastic, outgoing, and enjoys interacting with people.

  • Reliable, on-time, and available to work on weekends.

  • Proficient in using Apple iPads.

  • Capable of lifting and transporting heavy equipment.

  • Owns a reliable, insured vehicle for transportation.

  • Comfortable standing for extended periods.

  • Ability to project your voice in a noisy environment

  • Having an SUV to transport equipment is a bonus. 

Your Responsibilities: 

  • Gear Guardian🚚:  You will be picking up the gear before the event, setting it up like a pro, and after the party's over, safely packing it up and returning it to base.

  • Booth Magician✨: Bring photo booth setups to life transforming spaces into vibrant hubs of excitement.

  • Joy Spreader🎈: Your infectious energy will set the tone for the party, encouraging guests to strike poses, don silly props, and create memories that'll be cherished forever.

  • Tech Guru💡: Ensure smooth operation of our cutting-edge photo booth equipment for the duration of the event.



  • Earning potential of up to $250 on an average day. Earning time starts during equipment pick up and ends at drop off. 

  • Chance to meet influential people attending exclusive events.

  • Employee discount when booking with Snapbot

**COVID-19 Considerations:**

All our attendants must wear a face mask during events.

This position is perfect for anyone looking to earn extra income on weekends. 


The job itself is straightforward: involves clocking in, picking up gear, traveling to event venues in the Bay Area (expenses covered), setting up equipment, running booth operations for a minimum of three hours, and returning equipment to the pickup location. 

By applying to this position, you are acknowledging that you reviewed our staff code of conduct available here -

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Rate your computer skills
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Thank you for applying. We will review your information and schedule an on-camera interview via Zoom.

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